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Technical Publications:

We offer technical publications creation on behalf of our clients; this includes Operation and Maintenance manuals, Engineering Reports, Purchase Specifications, Removal, Overhaul and Installation manuals. We pride ourselves on creating advanced technical publications for clients, which are produced both on time and on budget.


This service can range from initial sourcing on behalf of the client, through to full-cycle procurement, in order to reduce the company’s workload. Customers regularly comment on our pleasing attention to detail, our validation to ensure that materials and products comply with the relative industry standards, and our wide range of contacts in the industry.

Project Management:

Our management experience has proved to be very successful across many industries in Project Engineering. TR Tech Services is ideal for companies with a large workload and a tight deadline. We offer off-site or on-site management, scheduling regular meetings to ensure that every project is running smoothly and to plan.


With companies’ workloads increasing, clients frequently lack the time and resources to validate their own documentation; TR Tech Services can ensure that all documents meet the relative standards and are fully up to date. Furthermore, this service can be provided at the client’s office, as, in many cases, documentation cannot be removed from the premises.

Project Bill of Materials:

Provision of a Bill of Materials for each project allows our clients to keep track of their costing and to ensure that their budgets are kept to. We frequently receive positive feedback about the clear view and useful details provided by this service, which are used as a base for each client’s tender process, to ensure that all costs are factored in.

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