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Rail Tracks


With RVAR and PRM compliance becoming mandatory by 2020, the Project Engineering industry is booming; major overhauls and modifications are taking place on heavy rail vehicles to ensure that they can continue in service past 2020. Our company has taken on the production of Overhaul manuals and full-cycle procurement on behalf of our clients.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

As the costs of the Oil and Gas industry increase, businesses are under increasing pressure to save money and resources. Our company is well-equipped to help lower their costs and fluctuating workload.

Defence and Aerospace

Defence and Aerospace

With costs rising, many Airlines and Defence companies look to Project Engineering companies to relieve their workload, in order to focus on their major contracts. We have supported both Defence and Aerospace clients in Project Management and production of Maintenance and Troubleshooting manuals.

Water and Waste

Water and Wastewater

As Ofwat and consumers put increasing pressure on Water and Wastewater companies to lower their costs, they look to Project Engineering companies to relieve their workload, in order to plan their future workload. We have worked with Water and Wastewater companies in the production and validation of their Operation and Maintenance manuals, and full-cycle procurement.



With Automotive companies concentrating on design and production, many look to Project Engineering companies to take care of their Operation and Maintenance manuals and require full-cycle procurement.


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